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Operator: KEI Power Management LLC
Year first built: 1923
Owner company: Kruger Energy Inc
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City: Newcastle
Metro area:
State: Maine
Country: United States
Zip code: 04553

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(Definitions of Terms Used Below)

Fuel type: Hydro
Primary fuel type: Hydro
Cooling method:
Power plant use: electricity only
Efficiency:  %
Power output (electrical):
(nameplate capacity)
.5 MW
Power output (thermal):
(nameplate capacity)
0 MW
Operating cost: 0 EUR


Heat production

Fuel consumption

Electricity production (Source: carma.org) (no data)

Emissions (Source: carma.org) (no data)

References and notes

reference notes
http://www.krugerenergy.com/html/en/hydro/ke_hydro_en.html owner page

The Central Maine Power Co. bought the power plant from Lincoln County Power company 1923. 1n 1925 CMP had built the first Transformer field in 1928 they raised the daml by 4 ft. G. B. Weston was head operator of the plant from 1921 (when owned by LCPC) to 1962. Still in operation in the same brick building with the same turbine r the plant is now owned by Kruger Energy. Under normal conditions, the plant only generates six months a year, from Dec. 1 to June 1, Kruger bought the plant, on Nov. 20, 2009, as part of their $13.5 million purchase of the former owner, Ridgewood Renewable Power. The Damariscotta Mills site was one of 15 dams facilities in Maine and a total of 23 sites in Maine, N. Y. and Virginia included in the purchase. "It's an older facility," Jean Roy, Vice President and General Manager, said of the Damariscotta Mills site, which straddles the Newcastle-Nobleboro town line. As such, it presents a number of questions for its new owner. "We're assessing the site as a whole," Roy said. "There [are] some repairs that need to be done... should we leave it there or decommission it?"
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