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Work in progress which uses Enipedia as a means to collect and organize information about energy production and consumption chains and technology. This builds upon some of the ideas in use on Generic Process Network. Standards are defined to collect and process energy information.


[edit] Example of Standard

[edit] CO2 intensity of Dutch electricity production

  • Q: What is the CO2-intensity of electricity produced in the Netherlands for a given year?

A: Take CO2Intensity of Powerplant and multiply by Capacity Factor for a given year, then multiply by time for a year. Needed: capacity factor per year for Dutch power plants

[edit] Installed capacity of PV Cells in the Netherlands

see PolderPV article on Dutch solar market. Estimates 680 MWp as of April 2014.

[edit] Energy Tree Information

Consider using NameSpaces and the Category Tree extension

[edit] Energy Supply

Overview Dutch Electricity Production

[edit] Fossil Sources

[edit] Renewables

[edit] Nuclear

[edit] Energy Demand

[edit] Energy Storage and Conversion

[edit] Imports and Exports

[edit] Potential

[edit] Heat networks (low-quality heat)


[edit] Solar radiation

[edit] Wind

[edit] Biomass

[edit] Electricity Storage

See the work by dr. Fokko Mulder: Scitation paper

[edit] DES Setup and technologies

[edit] Templates

  • Create template for DES Key Figures
  • Create template for Meta-analysis LCA data
  • Set up template for Energy Demand Entries (Linked Data? Properties?)
  • Create setup multiple technologies per considered technology (e.g.: multiple solar technologies)
  • Create comparison and overview pages
  • Figure out how to generate box-plots based on multiple technologies (see Portal:Feature_Requests#Feature_requests
  • Implement calculation method for LCA matrix (min, max, avg. values, connecting LCA, building blocks)

Template example: solar technologies

Template Setup
Main Technology Solar
Available Technologies CSP Tower CSP Heatpipes PV Thin-film PV Single Junction PV Multi-Junction PV 3D
CO2-Emmissions for Technology 1 Powerplant 1 Powerplant 2 Powerplant 3 Powerplant 4 Powerplant 5 Average: emmissions * generated power / total generated power

With installed Power for each technology known, a box-plot with properties (emissions, costs) for the Netherlands can be generated.

Building Block example: using gas in a boiler to heat housing

Building Blocks
Use Case Heating a house with a residential boiler
Building Blocks Gas Extraction (country of origin, mix) Gas Transport (country of origin, mix) Gas conversion to Heat using Residential Boiler Heat from Boiler to home

The properties for each Building Block can be added to generate a Use Case calculation.

[edit] Data

  • Fill in all Energy Supply entries
  • Fill in all Energy Demand entries
  • Fill in selected Energy Storage & Conversion entries
  • Embed list of gas/coal/wind/w.e./ fired plants in the Netherlands
  • Embed CBS data
  • Embed ETS/IEAA data
  • Embed NREL LCA emissions Data [LCA] and [[1]]
  • ECN [Focus on Dutch Gas 2012] contains a lot of information on the current Dutch gas outlook. Requested ECN for live gas import/export and production data availability.
  • US EIA 2019 Levelized Costs of Energy and Levelized Cost of Avoided Energy with some remarkable conclusions.
  • EuroStat offers Linked Data by SparQL
  • Pricing: see CONTI Power Index news article.

[edit] Front-end

  • Create proof-of-concept with WP
  • Set up WP environment with Ajax / SparQL / jQuery
  • Fill WordPress frontend with dynamically linked data
  • Design WordPress front-end
  • Google provides a Sankey Diagram. Currently researching integrating this into MediaWiki.

[edit] Technicals on DES

[edit] Last 10 DES processes that have been edited

process date
Nickel–cadmium (NiCd) battery 2017-05-08T10:02:32Z
Vehicle 2 Grid 2017-05-02T10:27:05Z
Superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) 2017-04-20T13:35:16Z
Zinc-air battery 2017-04-20T13:31:38Z
Pumped Hydro 2017-04-20T09:39:39Z
Nickel-metal hydride (NiMh) battery 2017-04-20T09:05:45Z
Hydrogen storage 2017-04-20T08:53:26Z
Flow batteries 2017-04-20T08:42:01Z
Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery 2017-04-20T08:12:50Z
Flywheels 2017-04-20T08:07:10Z

[edit] Last 10 references added

Page Reference Notes Date
Superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) https://www.scopus.com/record/display.url?eid=2-s2.0-63749132596&origin=resultslist&zone=contextBox Chen et al (2009) Progress in electrical energy storage system: A critical review

Listing lifespan and environmental considerations || 2017-04-20T13:35:16Z

Zinc-air battery https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluidic_Energy Page on Fluidic Energy, developing a Zinc-air rechargable battery 2017-04-20T13:31:38Z
Zinc-air battery http://www.eosenergystorage.com/technology-and-products/ EOS Storage claims a low-cost, high energy-density battery 2017-04-20T13:31:38Z
Pumped Hydro http://www.eia.gov/cfapps/ipdbproject/iedindex3.cfm?tid=2&pid=82&aid=7&cid=regions&syid=2004&eyid=2012&unit=MK IEA Statistics report 50+ GW of Hydro capacity 2017-04-20T09:39:39Z
Pumped Hydro https://www.scopus.com/record/display.url?eid=2-s2.0-63749132596&origin=resultslist&zone=contextBox Chen et al (2009) Progress in electrical energy storage system: A critical review

listing lifetime and environmental considerations || 2017-04-20T09:39:39Z

Hydrogen storage DNV GL KEMA - Systems Analysis Power to Gas An extensive review of energy storage technologies and power-to-gas perspectives. 2017-04-20T08:53:26Z
Hydrogen storage http://www.protonventures.com/images/miniGTLUpdatereport.pdf World Bank and Global Gas Flare Reduction partnertship reviewed a number of small to large-scale gas-to-liquid technologies and producers, including power-to-ammonia etc. 2017-04-20T08:53:26Z
Hydrogen storage http://www.nachhaltigwirtschaften.at/iea_pdf/iea_technology_roadmap_energystorage.pdf ETP 2014 Technology Roadmap on Storage: Technical Annex 2017-04-20T08:53:26Z
Hydrogen storage https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_economy The hydrogen economy is a proposed system of delivering energy using hydrogen. The term hydrogen economy was coined by John Bockris during a talk he gave in 1970 at General Motors (GM) Technical Center. The concept was proposed earlier by geneticist J.B.S. Haldane. 2017-04-20T08:53:26Z
Flow batteries http://www.cleantick.com/users/harita/pages/energy-storage-using-flow-batteries/updates/8371 History of Flow Batteries and first applications 2017-04-20T08:42:01Z
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