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Reference Published Scope Year Estimated Demand Area(s) of focus
Implications of Diurnal and Seasonal Variations in Renewable Energy Generation for Large Scale Energy Storage by F.M. Mulder 2014 Global 2050 Diurnal storage: 20-80PJ/day for 2030, 10-140PJ/day in 2050.
Seasonal storage: 10.7-16.5 EJ / year in 2030, 27.5-108 EJ / year in 2050. 30EJ = ~8 kWh for 7*10^9 inhibitants
Need is based on GEA 2012 renewable capacity and intermittency and analysis of feasibility of storage and interconnections for seasonal and diurnal capacity.
Bloomberg news article on energy storage 2014 Global 2018 Market potential of $1.6 billion for energy storage --
New York Times news article 2012 Global 2017 market potential of 31.5 billion --
Lux Research 2012 Global 2017 indicates a global demand of $113.5 billion Grid-connected storage
Lux Research 2014 Global 2020 estimates $50 billion market potential Transport demand as gamechanger and accelerator
Navigant/Pike Research: Energy Storage on the Grid 2010 (news article) Aug. 2010 Global 2020 $35+ billion Proliferation of renewables, smart grid and electric mobility
Navigant/Pike Research: Energy Storage on the Grid 2011 (news article) Jul. 2011 Global 2021 $22+ billion Updates on costs and limitations on market and structure.
Navigant/Pike research 2014 Global 2023 estimates annual revenue $224 million in 2014 to $17.8 billion in 2023 --
Clean Energy Services For All by Sierra Club 2014 Global 2030 $12 billion Projecting a 26% growth rate due to electrification, from $200-250 million annually in 2014. Central is the notion of gaining access to the Energy Ladder by lowering capital costs by increasing efficiencies.
BCC Research - Large and Advanced Battery Technology and Markets Feb 2013 Global 2017 $21 billion for advanced batteries in 2017, resulting in an CAGR of 4.6% between 2012 and 2017 Analysis of technologies, markets & industry growth between 2001 and 2012
BCC Research - Lithium Batteries: Markets and Materials Oct 2013 Global 2018 $13.4 billion in 2018, with a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4% Analysis of market, trends, materials, technologies and designs.
SNE Research Nov. 2013 Germany 2030 €25-30 billion in storage capacity PV own consumption requirements, control reserve capacity increase and handling the surplus of energy
Agora Energiewende Sep. 2014 Germany 2030 Zero need for storage on the transmission network Up to 60% RE integration, the network can do with flexible generation, flexible demand, interconnecting and trading and some curtailment.

[edit] IEA ETP 2014


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