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The Office of Energy Regulation (Energiekamer) is charged with regulating the Electricity Act 1998 and Gas Act. This regulatory body comes under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and operates as a chamber within the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa). This allows for effective synergy between Energiekamer and departments of the NMa.

At present EK employs 70 fulltime staff from various disciplines, such as economics, engineering, law and public administration. Mr P.J. (Peter) Plug is Director of Energiekamer. A delegation scheme exists granting a mandate, subprocuration authority and powers of attorney to the Director and Unit Managers for matters relating to the Electricity Act 1998 and the Gas Act and for all remaining matters dealt with by the Office of Energy Regulation.

Fair and equal Access to:

  • Capacity;
  • Flexibility;
  • (gas) Quality Conversion;
  • Equal and Timely information.

Dutch current status:

  • Unbundling Network Operators
  • Entry- and Exit-system
  • New Balancing Regime
  • Socializing Quality Conversion
  • Improved Transparency

EU Gas Target Model:

  • Ideal Size of an Entry/Exit-zone?
  • Cross-border alignment or Full harmonisation?
  • Explicit Auction vs. Implicit Auction?
  • Can Market Coupling work for gas? Do we actually need it?
  • Do we accept a restriction of renomination rights?
  • How do we treat existing long term contracts?

Next step: Improve efficient use of interconnection capacity and cross-boarder trade.

From traded markets to Hub-to-hub trading - gas price convergence.

Contractual congestion = arbitrage opportunities.

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