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Screenshot from search interface. Matches from multiple electricity databases are shown.

Visualization of OpenStreetMap edits to the power grid over time, every frame represents a day.
Enipedia Maps - Example of NASA Black Marble imagery with overlay from ITO Map Electricity Distribution
Interactive map showing evolution of wind capacity in Denmark

Visualization of installed PV

capacity per postcode in Germany

Map of CO2 emissions from industrial facilities across Europe
Screenshot from the Google Earth KML file. Icons represent power plant fuel types, while circles indicate the amount of electrical power output.

This page describes the different software that we've developed or use for Enipedia. These are in various forms of production, and we have made the source code available in the hope that people find it useful in helping them to build their own applications.

Category:Documentation contains a collection of the pages involved in the various development efforts of Enipedia.


[edit] SparqlExtension

This is an extension to Semantic MediaWiki that allows you to directly embed SPARQL queries on wiki pages and get the results returned in a variety of formats. This is currently being upgraded to work with SMW 1.6. This software is one of the key enablers of our work on Enipedia.

[edit] Elasticsearch on Enipedia

We use Elasticsearch to allow for different types of queries to be conducted on multiple datasets.

There are a few interesting applications of this:

  • Geographic queries - search across multiple data sets for all facilities within a geographic bounding box
  • Fuzzy queries - find matches when alternative spellings may be used
  • Automated suggestions of matches between datasets - the queries can be automated to find the best matches for one facility within another data set.

[edit] Filtering OpenStreetMap for Industry Data

We maintain an up-to-date copy of the OpenStreetMap database, and create daily extracts that relate to several industrial sectors.

[edit] Enipedia Maps

This is an interactive map that allows for exploring Enipedia power plant data via a Google Maps interface. This also includes layers from ITO Map showing electricity grid data from OpenStreetMap, along with the image of the earth at night from NASA. Developed with help from Nono and Martin.

[edit] Wikipedia Power Plants

The english language version of wikipedia contains at least 4000 articles in power plants around the world, in addition to numerous pages containing lists of power plants in tabular form. We use this to download the latest data on a daily basis and then load into into the search interface at http://enipedia.tudelft.nl/Elasticsearch.html

[edit] Visualizing Growth of German PV

  • Source code: https://github.com/cbdavis/Visualizing-Growth-of-German-PV
  • The code was used to create the video below. It also downloads the source data (multiple Excel spreadsheets) from a German government website and merges them all together into a single table, which can be more convenient to work with than multiple files, each containing sheets for each month.

[edit] Visualizing Shipments from Coal Mines to US Power Plants

[edit] Wind deployment in Denmark (1978 - 2012)

This is an interactive animated map created by Alfredas that shows the growth of installed with capacity in Denmark by district.

[edit] Map of CO2 emissions from European Industrial Facilities

This is in-progress work by Ben Zhu that uses data from the E-PRTR to visualize CO2 emissions from industrial facilities across Europe. This visualization uses the leafletR package for R

[edit] RSemanticMediaWikiBot

This is a MediaWiki bot written in R, designed to work with semantic templates. An interesting feature of this bot framework is that it can read in data from a CSV file and then write the data in each row to templates spread across many wiki pages.

[edit] Google Earth Visualization

A visualization for Google Earth of all the power plant data is made nightly based on the contents of the wiki. More background can be seen at Google Earth Visualization

[edit] Google Refine Reconciliation API

Matching entries in external datasets to their corresponding entries on Enipedia. This matching code is currently in the process of being reborn due to some of the limitations of the Google Refine Reconciliation process, which only handles a single data field. In practice, we've found that performing matching over multiple data fields is a much more robust solution than just trying to match on the names of things.

[edit] EnipediaDataQualityBot

Scripts used to help with cleanup and maintenance of Enipedia data. These are run every day or two under the Chrisbot account.

[edit] eGRID-to-RDF

This reads the eGRID dataset from several Excel spreadsheets published by the US EPA and converts it to RDF.

[edit] MatlabSPARQL

Matlab code to run a query against a SPARQL endpoint, retrieve the data as TSV, and import it into a struct. Developed for the work on Portal:OpenGridData which does load flow calculations over power grid data, stored as wiki pages.

[edit] TODO - further code to publish

  • Code for working with Elasticsearch - there's some for loading the data, and also for trying to match all entities contained in two different databases.
  • Extraction of OpenStreetMap data
  • Work on filtering power data from a daily updated planet.osm, correlation with Wikipedia data, checks across different language versions of Wikipedia.
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