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This guide is purposed for those who want to work with Enipedia but do not master the tools or the basis of a wiki. Enipedia, as many wikis, is based on the MediaWiki Software. This open source software is the base of a wiki. It manages the navigation through the wiki's pages and the editing of the pages. It is the first tool to learn to work with.


[edit] Learning the MediaWiki Software structure

Learning first how a MediaWiki wiki is structured is the best way to start:

Categories and Templates are widely used and should be clearly understood:

Links to many of the features & tools of the wiki are available on Special:SpecialPages.

[edit] Learning Semantic MediaWiki Software (SMW)

Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is an extension of the MediaWiki Software. SMW improves the structure and organization of the knowledge in a wiki by adding simple machine-processable information to wiki articles. Using SMW is very useful in Enipedia when for example large datasets need to be updated/edited or simply queried for displaying in another wiki page.

A nice introduction explaining in detail what is SMW is here:

As for MediaWiki, the main Help page of SMW is helpful for understanding its different features:

Thanks to SMW, the data displayed on a page is sort of categorized or labeled. This is done by using Properties and by defining the datatype of the property:

They are used to categorize a data value. For a city for example, you can define properties such as is in country or has population and assign them a value (respectively here a country name and a number).

  • Datatype:

Datatypes define the types of the properties. For example the has population property would be of number datatype.

For experienced users, a quick reference guide is available:

[edit] Semantic MediaWiki Templates

In a MediaWiki wiki, templates are used for having a standard display of certain data of wiki pages. For example, for each city wiki page, an infobox template nicely displays a summary of the city information. Furthermore it is easy for a user to add/edit data since the user only needs to fill the right fields.

SMW templates are used the same way but add a mapping of the data to SMW properties, storing each field's value in a separate property.

Therefore in a SMW wiki, almost all of the data is stored in a template. For the city example, the templates fields would be country and population and the assigned values would be respectively mapped to the properties is in country and has population.

A detailed documentation of the use of the SMW Templates is here:

[edit] Semantic MediaWiki Forms

SMW Forms is an extension to SMW. Forms are created in order to ease to users the editing of a wiki page information. A form is based on a template when created. However, if the template is modified, the form has to be manually modified to correspond to the template. A detailed documentation of the use of the SMW Forms is here:

[edit] Understanding data organization in Enipedia

Much of the information on Enipedia is structured so that it can be queried using SPARQL, a query language for the Semantic Web. In practical terms, this means that information spread over multiple pages can be easily gathered and analyzed once you know how to write these queries. These queries can be run through a SPARQL Endpoint which connects to a database behind the scenes.

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