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On this page Enipedia's users can ask/answer questions to each others.

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[edit] Questions

[edit] Creating query through SPARQL

Hi, I'm using Enipedia for some time now, adding information where I can and would like to run the following query for my work: "Which plants in the world do use Siemens gas turbines, who is the "Owner" and who is the "Operator" ? I'm most interested in the "Operators" worldwide who operate Siemens gas turbines.

I checked the pages with categories at for the Category:"Operators"

I'm new to SPARQL and started with the example at page Changed from 'Hydro' to 'Natural_Gas' but now would like to add in the OPTIONAL information for Gas turbine (1) 'Producer' and (2)'Operator'. Could somebody guide me how to add in the optional info in SPARQL starting with the following?

select * where { ?powerplant rdf:type cat:Powerplant . ?powerplant rdfs:label ?Name . ?powerplant prop:Fuel_type a:Natural_Gas . ?powerplant prop:Point ?Point . OPTIONAL {?powerplant prop:Generation_capacity_electrical_MW ?Generation_capacity }. }

From the created list I could create an Excel or CSV list for further use. Thank you for your guidance.

I think you want something like this:
select * where {
   ?powerplant rdf:type cat:Powerplant .
   OPTIONAL{?powerplant prop:Operator ?operator} .
   OPTIONAL{?powerplant prop:Ownercompany ?owner} .

   ?unit prop:Powerplant ?powerplant .
   ?unit rdf:type cat:Power_Conversion_Unit . 
   OPTIONAL{?unit prop:Generator ?generator} .
   OPTIONAL{?unit prop:Boiler ?boiler} .
   OPTIONAL{?unit prop:Gas_turbine ?gas_turbine} .
   OPTIONAL{?unit prop:Steam_turbine ?steam_turbine} .
   OPTIONAL{?unit prop:Furnace ?furnace} .
   OPTIONAL{?unit prop:Nuclear_reactor ?nuclear_reactor} .
The owner and operator values are at the level of the power plants, while the rest of the values are recorded at the level of what we call the power conversion units. If you want to filter for Siemens gas turbines, then you need something like the query below. The regex query is needed since you're searching for the substring "Siemens" in full URLs like "".
select * where {
   ?powerplant rdf:type cat:Powerplant .
   ?unit prop:Powerplant ?powerplant .
   ?unit rdf:type cat:Power_Conversion_Unit . 
   ?unit prop:Gas_turbine ?gas_turbine .
   filter(regex(?gas_turbine, 'Siemens')) .
--ChrisDavis (talk) 10:06, 19 March 2016 (CET)

[edit] Several questions from a newbie


I'm new to Enipedia and have corrected some powerplants locations and data. According to me, some templates do not work or maybe I'm using them in the wrong way ?

  • Every time I'm using the References_and_their_notes template, the references don't show up on the page. See Willebroek Brico Powerplant for my latest edit.
  • Can the Electricity production amounts be overridden ? I want to input the real produced amounts based on the companies' own reports, but if I try doing this with the Electricity Production template, it just gets ignored. Only the production amounts for 2000, 2007 and "next decade" (2020) are displayed, and they don't disappear even after removing them in the PowerplantTest infobox ! See Wilrijk Powerplant for my specific case.

--Btrs (talk) 22:39, 11 September 2016 (CEST)

This is indeed an issue. I'm looking into it and will keep you posted --ChrisDavis (talk) 22:31, 12 September 2016 (CEST)
I've looked into this, and it's something I need to fix by upgrading the wiki software, which would involve me finding a spare weekend to make sure that nothing gets broken in the process. This bug is affecting information where some data value has to be associated with another one in order to be properly interpreted. For example, with a recipe, "1" "cup" and "flour" only make sense if you group them together. On enipedia this is impacting data such as electricity production where a value is associated with a year and an amount. This also impacts the references, where a URL is associated with some notes explaining what people can find there. In any case, the information is still recorded on the wiki pages, so it will show up again once I fix things. --ChrisDavis (talk) 08:42, 22 September 2016 (CEST)
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