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A list of links to maps & articles on international boundaries and territorial claims.


[edit] Worldwide

[edit] Maritime claim summaries

[edit] United Nations

[edit] Wikipedia


[edit] Durham IBRU

[edit] GIS Files & Maps

Wikipedia: list of EEZ disputes, a good map of south east Asia marine borders and EEZ by country including Antarctica territorial claims which arn't in the KMLs above.

[edit] Other

BusinessInsider: articles on 15 of the most well known disputed islands

[edit] Oceania

background info on wake island
A radio interview about the confusing Swains island situation (2007)
and an article giving a different view of events.
Article: France/New Caledonia - Vanatu dispute over Matthew and Hunter island

[edit] Arctic

[edit] Antarctic

[edit] North America

[edit] Central America

ICJ press release Sept 2013
Article linking the dispute to Nicuraguan planned Carribean - Pacific Canal Article Article 2
UN Law of the Sea bulletin, pg 52 - 57(with map)

[edit] Caribbean

[edit] South America More here
Shows up in the Marineplan conflict kml.

[edit] Africa

[edit] Europe

[edit] Asia

  • Korean Peninsula
Wikipedia: Division of Korea
Wikipedia: North Korea -South Korea relations
Wikipedia: Northern Limit Line
Wikipedia: Korean maritime border incidents
The Norway - Russia border was agreed in 2010

[edit] Baselines & Territorial Waters

[edit] Antarctica

[edit] North America

[edit] South America

[edit] Europe

[edit] Asia

[edit] Exclusive Economic Zones

[edit] Extended Continental Shelf Claims

[edit] Google Books

[edit] Definitions

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