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Enipedia is an active exploration into the applications of wikis and the semantic web for energy and industry issues. Through this we seek to create a collaborative environment for discussion, while also providing the tools that allow for data from different sources to be connected, queried, and visualized from different perspectives.

Featured Content

Natural Gas Overview Worldwide Flows
of Natural Gas
Exploring Global
Electricity Production
Gas production.png
Overview of natural gas production, consumption, reserves, infrastructure and trade networks worldwide.
Gas flows.png
Natural gas world trade network - dynamically generated from country level data.
Thumbnail Enipedia Power Plants In Google Earth.png
Learn about global electricity production, based on data linked together from sources such as Carma.org and eGRID. Browse the fuel sources and power outputs for 50,000 power plants using a KML file for Google EarthEarth client-16.png.
Natural Gas
Industrial Production Chains Electricity Production
by Fuel Type in NL
Compilation of natural gas infrastructure world wide: major pipelines, LNG terminals, cross-border points - all located on map.
ProcessNetwork sm.png
Semantic wiki technology is used to document the different chains that convert raw resources into products. This can set the basis for a collaborative approach in documenting processes for a Life Cycle Assessment.
Treemap sm.png
Data sourced from Carma.org is combined with information collected on fuel sources to show how the Netherlands generates most of its power.
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