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[edit] Major Natural Gas Pipelines (current and planned)

(Download KML for Google Earth)

[edit] Major Import Pipelines into the European Union

pipeline from to AnnualCapacityBCM
Hassi Rmel - Bologna Pipeline Algeria Italy 27
Beni Saf - Almeria Pipeline Algeria Spain 8
El Kala - Cagliari Sardinia Pipeline Algeria Italy 8
Hassi Rmel - Tarifa Pipeline Algeria Spain
Melita - Gela Sicily Pipeline Libya Italy
Tangier - Cordoba Pipeline Morocco Spain
Field Lange Ormen - Teeside Pipeline Norway United Kingdom 25.5
Draupner Field - Dnkirk Pipeline Norway France 19.6
Karsto - Dornum Pipeline Norway Germany 24
Field Heimdal - Emden Pipeline Norway Germany
Sleipner - Antwerp Pipeline Norway Belgium
Vyborg - Greifswald Pipeline Russia Germany 1200
Urengoy - Budapest Pipeline Russia Austria 240
Petersburg Saint - Tallinn Pipeline Russia Estonia
Novogorod - Ventspils Pipeline Russia Latvia
Nis - Budapest Pipeline Serbia Hungary
Kirikkale - Vienna Pipeline Turkey Austria
Kipi - Komotini Pipeline Turkey Greece
Uzhgorod - Waidhaus Pipeline Ukraine Germany

Compare to annual natural gas imports data:

from volumeBcm
Russia 115.24
Norway 92.76
Algeria 32.84
Libya 2.34
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