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This is a list generated from the work described on Enipedia Power Plant Dataset Reconciliation API. In trying to link together datasets, it's useful to identify stop words that can be removed to make the matching process more accurate. At the same time, it's also useful to identify terms that give additional information and clues about the properties of the plant that we're looking at. The current list is based on an examination of common terms that appear with plant names and owner names for both the Netherlands and Germany.

See also Power Plant Term Definitions - this gives definitions for the terms in use on Form:Powerplant


[edit] Types of power plants

[edit] English

  • pool - probably natural gas for heating
  • hospital - probably natural gas, maybe incineration?
  • greenhouse - probably natural gas CHP
  • hydro
  • GT (gas turbine)
  • CCGT (combined cycle)
  • OCGT (open cycle)
  • CHP (combined heat and power)
  • ISCC (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle) - concentrated solar plant used as part of a combined cycle plant.
  • landfill - probably uses landfill gas as fuel
  • works
  • mill
  • biogas
  • rebuild
  • extension
  • compensation set
  • WTG - wind turbine generator
  • WTE - waste to energy
  • biomass
  • refinery - may be heavy fuel oil
  • sewage - may be biogas
  • offshore platform
  • offshore
  • STPS, STPP: Super Thermal Power Station/Plant/Project: 1000 MW+ usually Coal Fired thermal plant in India


  • MPP: Mega Power Project (same as above)
  • UMPP: Ultra-Mega Power Project: 4000 MW+ usually Coal fired plant in India.


  • Hydel: Hydroelectric plant in India

[edit] Dutch

  • centrale - probably a big plant, usually a suffix attached to the name of the plant - Amercentrale, Eemscentrale, etc.
  • rundveebedrijf - cattle farm, probably biogas from cow farming
  • kwekerij - plant nursery, probably natural gas CHP
  • RWZI - [1] - Wastewater treatment plant, probably using biogas
  • WKC - [2], Dutch word for CHP (refers to a large plant)
  • WKK - Warmtekrachtkoppeling, Dutch word for CHP, probably a smaller unit, refers to the technology, not necessarily a site.
  • HWC - Hulpwarmtecentrale - a power station primarily designed to supply heat such as for district heating. An example is the Hulpwarmtecentrale Schuytgraaf.
  • vestiging
  • locatie
  • Pompstation
  • brouwerij - brewery, uses biogas?

[edit] German

  • BHKW - Blockheizkraftwerk - combined heat and power
  • bioenergie
  • biogasanlage
  • burgerwindpark
  • chemie
  • erdgas
  • FHKW - Fernheizkraftwerk - district heating power station
  • GmbH
  • HKW - heizkraftwerk - combined heat and power plant, cogeneration plant. Blockheizkraftwerk seems to just be a smaller CHP and not a large plant.
  • kraftwerks
  • KW - Kraftwerk
  • MKW - Müllkraftwerk - Waste to Energy - only electricity
  • MHW - Müllheizwerk - Waste to Energy - only heat
  • MHKW - Müllheizkraftwerk - Waste to Energy, heat & electricity
  • MVA - Müllverbrennungsanlagen - waste incineration - see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%BCllverbrennung for explanation of MKW, MHW, MHWK
  • mineraloel (mineralöl)
  • nord, sud
  • papierfabrik
  • solarpark
  • stadtwerke
  • wasser
  • wasserkraft
  • wind
  • windenergie
  • windkraft
  • windpark
  • WKW - Wasserkraftwerk

[edit] Hindi

  • vidyut (विद्युत्) - power
  • nigama (निगम) - corporation

[edit] Russian

[edit] Portuguese

UTE (Usina Termelectrica)

[edit] China

  • Cwpg - China Wind Power Group

[edit] Types of companies

[edit] Dutch

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