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Dataset Overview

There are currently 15 powerplants listed for Swaziland. Of these, 9 do not have a fuel type specified, and 0 do not have coordinates specified for them.

Maintenance pages

These pages are meant to help with fixing issues in the dataset.

Electricity Companies


link={{{link}}} For a full list of energy companies in Swaziland see Swaziland/Energy_Companies

Number of plants per fuel type

Click on the links in the "Fuel Type" column to go to an overview of all the power plants in that country using that fuel. Note: there may be double counting here if a power plant has more than one fuel type.

Fuel Type Number of Power Plants
Hydro 4
Biomass 2

Power Plants on the Map (top 50)

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See also our full map featuring all power plants in Swaziland.

Power Generation by Fuel Type

Note: this only takes into account power plants for which fuel type is known to Enipedia.

Power Plant Output (MWh) vs CO2 Emissions (Tons)

Power Plant Generation Capacity Expansion Plans (2010-2020)

List of Power Plants in Swaziland (limited to 200)

title CapacityMW fuel_types OutputMWh CO2kg IntensityKgMWh
Edwaleni Powerplant 15 Hydro 102,361 18,105,600 177
Lupohlo Powerplant 20.8 Hydro 93,502 0 0
Maguga Dam Powerplant 19.0 Hydro 89,906 0.0 0.0
Simunye Mill Powerplant 57,375 292,113 5
Usutu Powerplant 52,560 4,334,530 83
Mhlume Mill Powerplant 49,293 1,539,490 31
Ubombo Mill Powerplant 13 Biomass 43,582 0 0
Maguduza Powerplant 29,219 0.0 0.0
Big Bend Sugar Estate Powerplant Biomass 4,005 0.0 0.0
Piggs Peak Powerplant 1.2 Hydro 3596 0 0
Mbabane Powerplant 2,248 0.0 0.0
Pine Valley Powerplant 4.0 0.0 0.0
Maswati Powerplant 0 0 0
Swazi Coal Powerplant 0 0 0
Hkw Baden Powerplant 0 0 0
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