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insert {{DES_Process}} onto a page to include this template. Listed metrics are:

Delft Energy Standards

Metric Unit Description
Technology Description [text] A short description of the technology
Wikipedia Link [URL] The URL to a Wikipedia page concerning this technology
DoEStorage Technology Category URL [URL] The URL to Technology Category on DoE Global Energy Storage Database Projects
Technology Readiness Level 1 - 9 Info on status and availability through the Technology Readiness Level
Technical Maturity [low/med/high] Describing the maturity on the level of innovations to be expected
Power Rating [kW/MW] The typical power rating of an installation
Application Technology application(s)
Year of Introduction [year] The year the technology was introduced on the market and first deployed in a commercial product
Lifetime Expectancy [year] The number of years this technology is typically designed to sustain
Environmental Considerations [text] List environmental concerns, for example: toxicity, waste and decommissioning issues
Safety fatal accidents per GWh [acc/GWh] This indicator is typically used to compare electricity generation plants and technologies
Installed Capacity in the Netherlands [GW] An estimate of deployed capacity
Installed Capacity in Europe [GW] An estimate of deployed capacity
Energetic Efficiency [%] The typical energetic efficiency to be expected in this technology
LCoE [€/kWh] Levelized Costs of Electricity

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