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insert {{Electricity Storage}} onto a page to include this template. Listed metrics are:

Electricity Storage

Metric Unit Description
Technology Enipedia DES Process page This selects the DES Process this product or solution belongs to
Description [-] This is a description of the product
Institutional Data [yes/no] Is this data from an institutional source that is generally considered trust-worthy?
Year of Introduction [year] The year the technology was introduced on the market and first deployed in a commercial product
Technology Readiness Level 1 - 9 Info on status and availability through the Technology Readiness Level
Volumetric Energy Density [W·h/l] Energy Density in watthours per liter
Gravimetric Energy Density [W·h/kg] Energy Density in watthours per kg
Volumetric Power Density [W/l] Power Density in watts per liter
Gravimetric Power Density [W/kg] Power Density in watts per kg
Operating Temperature [K] Temperature at which the process operates in Kelvin
Operating Pressure [MPa] Pressure at which the process operates in MPa
Roundtrip Efficiency [%] Round-trip efficiency
Nominal Voltage [V] Nominal voltage of a typical unit(cell) of the product
Cycle Durability [# of cycles] Average number of full charge-discharge cycles; state Depth of Discharge (DoD) used for tests in references
Investment Cost per kWh [€/kWh] Capital costs per storage capacity
Investment Cost per kW [€/kW] Capital costs for power capacity
Annual O/M Cost [€/kWh/year] Yearly Operating and Maintenance costs
Decommissioning Cost [€/kWh] Costs of decommissioning an installation
LCoE [€/kWh] Levelized Costs of Electricity

Categories that are automatically added are: [[Category:Electricity Storage]] [[Category:Delft Energy Standards]]

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