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[edit] CIA World Factbook - Electricity Production by Source

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[edit] Energy

link={{{link}}} For a full list of power plants in United States see United States/Powerplants

[edit] Top 20 Power Plants in United States

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[edit] Electricity Companies

United States

link={{{link}}} For a full list of energy companies in United States see United States/Energy_Companies

Natural Gas Summary

Consumption Production Proven Conventional Resources Recoverable Shale Resources Imports Exports
652900000000m3 593400000000m3 6928000000000m3 24403220000000m3 130300000000m3 23280000000m3

[edit] Income Equality

  • GINI: 45

Oil Summary

OilProvenReserves OilProduction OilConsumption
30500MMbbl 1983.15MMbbl 5749.25MMbbl

Natural Gas Flows (Bcm)

For the complete network see GasOverview/GasFlowsNetwork.

Coal Summary

Coal ProvenReserves Coal Production Coal Consumption
238308.00Mt 973.18Mt 897.57Mt

Natural Gas Interconnectors

LNG Terminals


Interconnector CapacityMWhd
Elba Island 1,272,000.00
Sabine Pass 861,000.00
Cove Point 598,000.00
Lake Charles 592,000.00
Freeport LNG 574,000.00
Cameron LNG 496,000.00
Everett 221,000.00
Gulf Gateway 148,000.00
Northeast Gateway 148,000.00


Interconnector CapacityMWhd
Kenai 57,000.00

Natural Gas Storage

StorageFacility PeakDailyOutputMWh WorkingCapacityMcm
EastAggregate Depleted Gas/Oil Field 0.0 54,217.00
ProducingAggregate Depleted Gas/Oil Field 0.0 30,895.00
WestAggregate Depleted Gas/Oil Field 0.0 18,393.00
EastAggregate Aquifer 0.0 10,002.00
ProducingAggregate Salt Cavern 0.0 6,441.00
WestAggregate Aquifer 0.0 924.00
EastAggregate Salt Cavern 0.0 227.00


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