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[edit] Link these in better to more visible pages on the wiki

[edit] Other

[edit] TODO


[edit] Power plants

Include powerplants in NL from bulk-upload-to-wiki-project via wikibot.

[edit] Chemical Properties

Is there a smart (ontological?) way to represent the chemical formula for things?

  • for the molecular mass, used in mass balance computations, it is the "pseudo-formula"
    • e.g. benzene is C6H6, glucose is C6H12O6 etc, carbon dioxide is CO2
    • these reveal nothing about the compounds structure
  • one ontological (?) way is the IUPAC nomenclature
    • but it becomes cumbersome
    • that's why trivial names are much in use still
    • e.g. isobutane is 2-methyl-propane

GerardDijkema 21:23, 26 April 2010 (CEST)

[edit] UnitNames

These need to be human readable, should set up a bot for this

[edit] Network Visualization

need to get graphviz completely hooked into sparql results

[edit] Templates

for the Technology template (and others?) the view ontology data should be tied to a sparql query or something flexible, like what showfactbox does.

[edit] Synonyms

We need to start building up synonyms, alternative labels, abbreviations, etc for the objects.

For example, MTBE = Methyl-Tertiary-Butyl-Ether, TBA = Tertiary Butyl Alcohol

GerardDijkema suggests to figure out a way to use wikipedia for this

See for example the info box on

[edit] Reference managment

Set up system for references. Bibtex variables are probably better than wikipedia citation template, since the wp citation templates for some reason treat first author different than other authors w.r.t. how the variable names are set up.

Also need some way to add specific page for a certain existing reference. Ideally, we want one object to represent the source, and then have something else to extend it with additional info (since different things may use the same source, but different pages). Does it make sense to represent references as categories? Page numbers could just be represented in plain text, the most important thing is the ability to trace the references to where they are used for data.

Look here for some best practices:

[edit] loose notes on workflow for creating technologies through semantic forms

We need to do something intelligent on autocompletion of blank pages. For example, in adding a new technology, you may specify goodnames that have not been used before. For some of the (current) SPARQL queries, there needs to be a page for this goodname created for everything to work. is probably how we want to set things up.

The main point here is that we need some better ways of entering in information that is spread over multiple pages in a hierarchical structure. Something needs to be set up so that users are guided through the process.

Best practices:

  • operational inputs and outputs should be represented as subpages. This enables a hierarchical construction of URLs which is logical, since the inputs/outputs belong to only one process

unit process as opconfig? similar level of detail

Create different forms - first for creating the initial technology, then for editing existing technologies

OperationalConfiguration form needs


Form to create technology - give the name of this thing

then single option to add input/output data - this creates an operational configuration page

need back links to be built in

then click button for input add stuff click back button

then click button for output add stuff click back button

this is still a bit awkward. There should just be a script that makes the pages.

have a bot to fill this out? would be nice to just directly edit this in the page, transclusion of data, while being aware of where it's at.

We should think about some sort of intelligent cloning that could be done for data spread over pages

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