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[edit] To Do

[edit] Powerplants

  • Build some tools to help matching together different datasets:
    • starting point here
    • filter by fuel / emission intensity: implemented
    • add matching capabilities based on Chris' work
  • Setup a wikibot for mass imports

How would you do that? Tried JWBF a while ago after reading Alfredas' blog but it says api.php can not be found --Nono 18:52, 28 May 2012 (CEST)

The api is here. We've also got some code which I'll post on github soon that can work with templates and is built upon JWBF. The code takes as input a spreadsheet where the column names correspond to the names of the template parameters --ChrisDavis 21:44, 28 May 2012 (CEST)

[edit] Power grid

  • Following example by ITOWorld, harvest data from OpenStreetMap: done (see scraper here)
  • Build tooling to sort out data and prepare it for Enipedia: first step here
  • Start expanding the current stub here

[edit] Gas infrastructure

  • LNG terminals: expand the current very basic data, distinguishing liquefaction and regasification terminals, making them mappable, etc... Fix issue with units: incorrect (StorageVolume) or unclear (RegasificationCapacity is yearly while Firm Capacity is daily). Some starting points at [1] and [2]. A proposed template inspired by powerplants is at Template:LNGTerminal‎. An example of rendering at User:Nono/North West Shelf LNG Terminal.
List of LNG terminals with their key figures for reference.
  • UGS: current data is Europe-centered and quite wobbly (withdrawal capacity but not injection...). Does not seem to come from GSE.
Could use IGU data to expand to worldwide coverage and make dataset more scientifically useful.
  • Pipelines: work by Alfredas is impressive, but see what can be done to sort up things: drawn pipelines do not always take country borders into account, ignore operators... Task is huge.
  • Production end is totally missing. Lots of data is available for North Sea and could be plugged at orphaned pipe terminations.

Norway, UK, Netherlands

[edit] Studies and tests

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